CATSEYE by Andre Norton (Ace #09266) (Dipple #1) 1961

CATSEYE by Andre Norton (Ace #09266) (Dipple #1) 1961


CATSEYE. By Andre Norton, Cover art by John Schoenherr, Ace Books, Inc., New York, 1961.


Science Fiction

Ace #09266 (Dipple series #1)

Vintage from the 1960s


The classic far-future novel about the telepathic bond of friendship between human and animal.


It tells the story of a boy living as a member of the underclass in the "Dipple", a deprived part of a colony on a distant planet, who discovers an ancient secret that changes his life. Catseye is the first of her Dipple series of novels.


The big cat cried "danger!" Troy Horan heard it with his mind just as he had heard the fox's warning and the kinkajou's. He didn't understand how he could communicate with the animals or why they were contacting him. 


Secure binding with clean pages and a small bottom spine tear and a mild bottom spine shift. Softcover book with 189 pages.