COMING OF AGE IN SAMOA by Margaret Mead 1968

COMING OF AGE IN SAMOA by Margaret Mead 1968


COMING OF AGE IN SAMOA. By Margaret Mead, Dell, 1968.


  • Classic study of primitive youth
  • With a new Preface by the author
  • Cover picture by Elgin Books


In 1925, Margaret Mead journeyed to the South Pacific territory of American Samoa. She sought to discover whether adolescence was a universally traumatic and stressful time due to biological factors or whether the experience of adolescence depended on one's cultural upbringing.


Though it was a popular success and has been used in numerous undergraduate anthropology classes, Coming of Age in Samoa has received varying degrees of criticism over the years. Some of her results have been called into question by other anthropologists, and she has been criticized for romanticizing Samoan life and downplaying evidence contrary to her main argument. In addition, some Samoans have found her depiction of Samoan adolescent sexuality offensive.


Nice overall with light cover wear. 224 pages.