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The Complete Cat Book (w/Jacket!) (color illus.) 1991

The Complete Cat Book (w/Jacket!) (color illus.) 1991


The COMPLETE CAT BOOK: Expert Advice on Every Phase of Cat Ownership, Official Standards for Every Breed, Written by an International All-Breed Judge. By Richard H. Gebhardt, Howell Book House, New York, 1991.


ISBN: 0876059191


Covers every aspect of buying and owning a cat. Richard H. Gebhardt - breeder, judge, author, and past president of the Cat Fanciers' Association - has combined into one volume the knowledge gained during forty-six years in the cat world. No other cat book includes as much original information about the evolution & development of breeds, the history of the cat fancy, or the selection, breeding, and showing of cats.

Like new! Hardcover with desk jacket. About 11 x 9 with 224 pp. Color illustrations throughout!


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