DANCING COLORS: Paths of the Native American Woman 1992

DANCING COLORS: Paths of the Native American Woman 1992

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Dancing Colors: Paths of the Native American Woman. Laine Thom of the Shoshoni Tribe, Chronicle Books, 1992.


Native American

ISBN: 0811801659


This beautifully illustrated volume showcases the elaborate artistry of Native American women's clothing and explores the ritual custom, and skill inherent in its design. From exquisitely beaded buckskin dresses in scarlet and yellow hues to carefully executed moccasins, leggings, breast- plates, and cradle boards; from intricately woven sashes and shawls that rival the finest contemporary works of art to superbly crafted bone and silver jewelry inlaid with semiprecious stones.


Dancing Colors portrays a wealth of ceremonial clothing items, many of such remarkable beauty and refinement that they can only be categorized as wearable art. In addition to the vivid full-color photographs that bring these splendid artifacts to life, the book also includes a brief introduction, bibliography, and index, as well as legends myths, and stories focusing on the powers of Native American women. An exceptional volume for those intrigued by Indian culture and customs, it will also inspire and enthrall anyone with an interest in fashion and design.


Solid binding with clean pages and a lightly rubbed cover. Softcover book.