DIRT MUSIC: A Novel by Tim Winton (w/Jacket!) 2002

DIRT MUSIC: A Novel by Tim Winton (w/Jacket!) 2002


Dirt Music: A Novel. Tim Winton, Scribner, 2002.


Fiction Novel - Thriller

ISBN: 0743228022


A 2002 Booker prize shortlisted novel and winner of the 2002 Miles Franklin Award, it has been translated into Russian, French, German, Dutch and Swedish. The harsh, unyielding climate of Western Australia dominates the actions and events of this thriller.


Dirt Music tells the story of Luther Fox, a broken man who makes his living as an illegal fisherman—a shamateur. Before everyone in his family was killed in a freak rollover, Fox grew melons and counted stars and loved playing his guitar. Now, his life has become a “project of forgetting.” Not until he meets Georgie Jutland, the wife of White Point’s most prosperous fisherman, does Fox begin to dream again and hear the dirt music.


Secure binding with clean pages. The jacket is lightly rubbed. Hardcover book with 416 pages.