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Donald Price's Victory by Wyman 1930

Donald Price's Victory by Wyman 1930


Donald Price's Victory. L. P. WYMAN, A. L. Burt Company, New York, 1930.


When Donald Price's father died, all that remained of his fortune was a tract of woodland on the shores of Moosehead Lake in Maine and that was mortgaged. Risking the loss of his entire legacy, Donald decides to lumber the tract.


Donald has no money, and the bank will not finance him, due to an enemy who wants to make certain that Donald fails.  Donald finally secures financing at rather unfavorable terms.  If Donald does not deliver the lumber by a certain date, he will be fined each day that the lumber is late.  Donald feels certain that he can be successful, but he doesn't realize that several people are doing all that they can to make certain that he fails.

Colored pictorial cover with frontispiece. Small slit at title page bottom gutter. Clean bright cover and text. About 7-1/2 x 5 with 253 numbered pages.


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