DR. PARROT'S Ascent of Mount Ararat by Rev. E. Greenwald 1867 (Noah’s Ark)

DR. PARROT'S Ascent of Mount Ararat by Rev. E. Greenwald 1867 (Noah’s Ark)


DR. PARROT'S Ascent of Mount Ararat. Collated from his Printed Report. By Rev. E. Greenwald, Lutheran Board of Publication, Philadelphia, 1867.



Vintage from the 1860s


On 17 September 1811, Dr. Friedrich Parrot stood on the summit ridge of Mount Kazbek, the mighty 5,034m mountain in the Caucasus, on the present-day Russian-Georgian border. Before he left, a momentary break in the clouds allowed Dr. Parrot to look out to the silver crown of Mount Ararat in the distance - the snow-capped volcano in the extreme east of Turkey where, on which many Jews and Christians believe, Noah’s Ark came to rest after the great flood. Parrot left Kazbek with a new mountain in his heart. One day, he thought, he would become the first man to reach the summit of Ararat. He was right.


Johann Jacob Friedrich Wilhelm Parrot (1791–1841) was a Baltic German naturalist, explorer, and mountaineer. A pioneer of Russian and Estonian scientific mountaineering, Parrot is best known for leading the first expedition to the summit of Mount Ararat in recorded history. Parrot was both a Christian and a well-respected professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Dorpat. 


Less than fifty years after Parrot, an Englishman, James Bryce, climbed Ararat again and printed a vindication of Parrot. Parrot died in 1841. Many have claimed to see the ark or even to photograph it, but the proofs remain mysteriously elusive.


Dark green with elaborate gilt spine. Scarce Civil War era Lutheran book. Nice condition with very light wear. Hardcover book.