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Draft Horse Journal (Autumn 2006) ​​​​​​​Annual Workhorse Issue

Draft Horse Journal (Autumn 2006) ​​​​​​​Annual Workhorse Issue


The Draft Horse Journal

Annual Workhorse Issue

Autumn 2006


  • American Cream Draft Horses
  • Call of Duty-American Civil War/Reenactment
  • The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906
  • A Day For Horse Pullers to Remember (Dubuqueland)
  • 2006 Horse Progress Days
  • The Suffolk Punch Will Hold The Road
  • National Western Celebrates 25 Years
  • Pre-Civil War Horse & Mule-Powered Cotton Gin
  • Multiple Hitching With One Set of Lines How
  • Will the NAIS Affect Us?

Secure binding with clean pages & light cover edge wear.

About 11 x 8; 212 pages.

Illustrated throughout!


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