Dream Road: A Journey of Discovery by Percy Trezise 1994

Dream Road: A Journey of Discovery by Percy Trezise 1994


DREAM ROAD: A Journey of Discovery. By Percy J. Trezise, Published by Allen & Unwin, Australia, 1994.


ISBN-10:  1863734031

ISBN-13:  9781863734035


A unique insight into Aboriginal cultures, legends and rock art. Dream Road is a work on the Quinkin art body - one of he largest and most spectacular groups of rock paintings in the world. Covering the caves and cliffs of the Gulf of Carpentaria the paintings range in age from 5,000 to over 13,000 years.


Personal account of the authors 30 years exploring the rock art sites in Quinkin country; accompanied by Dick Roughsey, George Pegus, Willy Long, Harry Mole and Caesar LeChu the author recounts the stories and ceremonies associated with the various sites as told to him by his companions; includes contact history and biographical details of his companions; account of the scientific work recording and dating the sites that followed; analysis of the figures and symbols of the rock art.


Hardcover. Near fine condition with solid, clean pages and light wear to jacket. First Edition. 248 pages. Illustrated.