Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (January 1974)

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (January 1974)

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The Magazine of

Fantasy and Science Fiction

Volume 46, Issue No. 1, January 1974

Edward L. Ferman (Editor)

Harper & Row, New York.


Cover illustrates "The Initiation of Akasa" as noted on the Contents/copyright page.

The Initiation of Akasa • [Finistelle] • short story by Michael G. Coney


The Beautiful One • (1973) • novelette by Keith Roberts


The Centauri Device • novelette by M. John Harrison


The Eclipse and I • [Asimov's Essays: F&SF] • essay by Isaac Asimov

Great color cover art with nice solid binding, lite spine & top rear cover crease and clean pages. About 7-1/2 x 5 with 158 pages.