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Five-Note Melodies (for Children) 1914

Five-Note Melodies (for Children) 1914


FIVE-NOTE MELODIES. By Geo. L. Spaulding, Theodore Presser Co., Philadelphia, 1914.


Characteristic Pieces in Familiar Keys

5-Note Melodies for Children

Vocal or Instrumental

For the Pianoforte (Piano/Organ)


Most melodies are built around the pentatonic scale. In fact it seems that the pentatonic scale is ingrained in our human DNA, since it shows up in almost every musical culture around the world – from folk music, to eastern music, to blues, to pop. For this reason, a large part of playing music by ear is learning to spot this distinctive 5 note pattern, which can be heard in 80% of melodies.



  1. The Daisies (A Major)
  2. My Music Teacher (C Major)
  3. The Lost Kitten (A Minor)
  4. Happy Children (G Major)
  5. The Dance (E Minor)
  6. The Whistling Pickaninny (F Major)
  7. The Sail (D Minor)
  8. The Traveler (D Major)
  9. The Skaters (C Major)
  10. The Troubadours (C Minor)

Cover cleanly detached at spine edge with few small edge tears and few pencil notations. About 12 x 9 with 3 pages. Illustration of children.


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