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THE DELEGATES - Convention '72 / Funky Butt 1972

THE DELEGATES - Convention '72 / Funky Butt 1972


Convention '72 / Funky Butt

The Delegates, Red Lion Production, New York, 1972.


45 rpm Record - vinyl

Political, Comedy, Funk


The Delegates were a novelty song group who scored a hit record, "Convention '72".


The Delegates were the creation of Bob DeCarlo, morning disc jockey at KQV in

Pittsburgh. Bob was approached by local record moguls Nick Cenci and Nick Kousaleous, to make a novelty record; the trio assembled "Convention '72," a "break-in" record which consisted of Bob imitating such TV reporters as Walter Cronkite

("Walter Klondike"). While attending a joint "Get Together" convention of Republicans

and Democrats alike, the reporters asked questions of current politicians involved in that year's presidential election.

Light wear in plain white sleeve.


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