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GOODBYE TO ROME [Italian song] with Mario Lanza 1955

GOODBYE TO ROME [Italian song] with Mario Lanza 1955


Goodbye to Rome Arrivederci, Roma. MGM Presents Mario Lanza in "The Seven Hills of Rome," Words by Carl Sigman, Music by Renato Rascel, Reg Connelly Music, Inc., New York, 1955.


Movie Sheet Music

Vintage from the 1950s


"Arrivederci Roma" (English: "Goodbye, Rome") is the title and refrain of a popular Italian song, composed in 1955. It was published in 1957 as part of the soundtrack of the Italo-American musical film with the same title, released as "The Seven Hills of Rome" in English. The original lyrics express the nostalgia of a Roman man for the dinners and short-lived love affairs he had with foreign tourists who came to Rome. It recalls the popular legend associated with the Trevi Fountain.

Nice cover art with general surface creases and few pencil notations inside. 


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