GOURMET'S AMERICA by Gourmet Magazine Editors 1994

GOURMET'S AMERICA by Gourmet Magazine Editors 1994

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Gourmet's America. Gourmet Magazine Editors (Author), Random House, 1994.


ISBN-10: 0679435638

ISBN-13: 978-0679435631


This beautiful cookbook, with over 40 full-color photographs, explores eight distinctive regional cuisines -- New England, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, the Heartland, the Mountain States, the Southwest, the Northwest and Alaska, and California and Hawaii -- and offers a special menu and additional outstanding dishes for each area.


You'll find over 250 recipes in all, including some of Gourmet magazine's classic favorites, as well as over 100 brand-new recipes that highlight America's harvests. Today, grocery stores and farmers markets are brimming with options. Let Gourmet's America show you how to cook with all the wonderful ingredients this great land has to offer.


Like new. First Edition. 239 pages. Illustrated.