Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating - American Diabetes Assoc.

Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating - American Diabetes Assoc.


American Diabetes Association Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating (3rd Edition). American Diabetes Association; Hope Warshaw, 2005.


The most complete & easy-to-use restaurant guide for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, heart disease, and weight challenges. Along with nutrition facts, it provides the skills & strategies you need to find healthy choices in the restaurants that line America's highways & byways. Thousands of nutrition facts are listed for all your favorite restaurant foods-from bagels to pretzels, sweet & sour pork, burritos, pasta, burgers, pizza, and more.



  • More than 5,000 menu items from more than 60 restaurants
  • Nutrition facts for calories, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, saturated fat, protein, & more
  • Exchanges & food servings for each menu item
  • Skills & strategies to help you avoid common, restaurant pitfalls & make healthier choices
  • Realistic ways to deal with diabetes dining dilemmas


Nice condition with very light wear.


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