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H.E.M.P. Healthy Eating 2003

H.E.M.P. Healthy Eating 2003


H.E.M.P.: Healthy Eating Made Possible. A Holistic Cookbook and Nutritional Reference Guide. By Paul Benhaim, Published by Vision, U.S.A., 2003.


ISBN: 1901250644


Hemp is the radical social, environmental & political nutritional ingredient of the 21st cent. As the backlash against genetically modified food intensifies, public demand for organic & naturally derived goods continues to grow -- & hemp provides the answer.


Here is a comprehensive look at this rediscovered plant & its potential for a sustainable future. Offers info. on the nutritional benefits of hemp seed, detailing its history, present usage & future possibilities. Also examines hemp's connections to ancient methods of healing & farming, Permaculture, Naturecure, herbal remedies & spiritual nutrition.


Includes delicious, healthy & easy to follow recipes including Hemp Tempura, Wild Rice Mesquito, Vietnamese Salad Rolls, & Hemp Fruit Crumble.

Like new book with a nice cover, solid binding & clean pages.


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