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Healthy Women, Healthy Lives (Preventing Disease) 2001

Healthy Women, Healthy Lives (Preventing Disease) 2001


Healthy Women, Healthy Lives: A Guide to Preventing Disease from the Landmark Nurses' Health Study. Hankinson, Susan E. (editor); Colditz, Graham A. (editor); Manson, Joann E. (editor); Speizer, Frank (editor), Free Press, New York, NY, U.S.A., 2001.

Health & Fitness

ISBN: 0684855194


Since 1976, the world-famous Harvard Medical School Nurses' Health Study has followed more than 120,000 real women, leading real lives, to discover what factors contribute to improving the health of women. It provides practical tips and strategies from clinical experts at Harvard Medical School for making healthy lifestyle changes. Here are the best ways to lower the risk of a host of chronic diseases, as well as tips for losing weight, stopping smoking, eating healthily, and exercising regularly. With easy-to-read graphs that clarify complex information and personal stories from nurses who have contributed to the remarkable study, Healthy Women, Healthy Lives is an extraordinary health book that will prove invaluable to women everywhere.


Solid binding with clean, unmarked text. Jacket with few micro tears.

First Edition. 576 pages.


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