Hidden New Mexico (1997) Richard Harris

Hidden New Mexico (1997) Richard Harris


Hidden New Mexico (1997). By Richard Harris, Ulysses Press.


ISBN: 1569751102


Everything travelers need to know to get the most from both famous and little-known attractions as well as popular adventure travel sports such as hiking, skiing, and horseback riding. Over 13 million people visit New Mexico each year. With its magical light, Old West history, and "tricultural" blend of Anglo, American Indian, and Spanish cultures, New Mexico more than earns its reputation as "The Land of Enchantment".


Just about all of the best places in New Mexico are hidden from view. Hidden New Mexico will help readers find each of them, whether it means heading up canyons, down dirt roads, to the other side of the mountains, or just beyond those trees.


Heavy bottom corner crease, otherwise very good. 239 pages. Illustrated.


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