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History of Soil Conservation New Zealand

History of Soil Conservation New Zealand


Hold This Land: A History of Soil Conservation in New Zealand. L. W. McCaskill, A. H. & A. W. Reed Ltd, Wellington, 1973.


To bring to the public's attention the way New Zealanders were destroying their land by overgrazing and by the wholesale destruction of protective forests and tussock cover high in the watersheds. The  East Coast floods of 1938 helped these pioneers to bring the realities of the situation before both Government and people, and in 1941 the Soil Conservation & Rivers Control Act linked together for the first time the problems of flooding & soil erosion, and established an organisation to deal with it. First by winning the farmers over to their side and then by introducing reafforestation schemes, pest control, and countour ploughing. The campaign against soil erosion in New Zealand is by no means over.

Solid binding with nice text and very minor cover soil. Jacket has few tears. About 9-1/2 x 7 with 274 pp.


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