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Horse Secrets by Dr. A. S. Alexander (w/Jacket!) 1994

Horse Secrets by Dr. A. S. Alexander (w/Jacket!) 1994


Horse Secrets. By Dr. A. S. Alexander, Shorey Pubns, 1994.


ISBN: 0846660245


Dr. A. S. Alexander, the writer and compiler of “Horse Secrets,” has had upward of 25 years’ experience in matters pertaining to agriculture, horse breeding, veterinary science, press writing and teaching.


The items published in these pages disclose many sharp practises which, aside from their interest as facts not generally known, are valuable as information for the man who would engage intelligently in horse buying and selling. The matter relating to the purchase of stallions should prove specially interesting and valuable.

Originally published in 1911.

Hardcover book with desk jacket.

Nice condition with a lightly rubbed cover & clean pages. 64 pages plus end section, glossary. Illustrated.


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