International Gourmet Cooking With Microwave Phe Laws


International Gourmet Cooking With Microwave. Phe Laws, Hidden House - Flash Books, 1976.


226 International Gourmet Recipes.

Wonderful tasting soups, sauces, entrees and desserts.

Phe’s “Guide To Great Microwave Cooking. 

Phe is a former senior consulting home economist for a major microwave manufacturer.


Includes: French Cuisine, Italian, Latin American; Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Guyanas, Mexico, Paraguay, West Indies Polynesian from Hawaii and The Philippines - Indian and Southeast Asian Cuisine, India, Indonesia and Java - Oriental Cuisine, China, Korea and Japan - Central European Cuisine, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Switzerland - Spanish, Portuguese and Basque including recipes from the Iberian Peninsula - Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine, Armenia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Iran, Israel, Morocco and Turkey - Scandinavia Cuisine, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden!


Secure binding with clean pages and a lightly rubbed cover.


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