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Investor Factline by Michael C. Thomsett 1989

Investor Factline by Michael C. Thomsett 1989


Investor Factline: Finding and Using the Best Investment Information. By Michael C. Thomsett, Published by Wiley, 1989.


ISBN: 0471616850


A guide to the many sources of information investors consult in order to make profitable investment decisions. Shows how to interpret financial information and how to make the best use of expert investment advice. Discusses how to read and evaluate an annual report or prospectus, investigate a company for possible investment, evaluate advice from brokers and financial planners, and how to read and understand the financial press, including the stock listings and key indicators. Also shows how investment clubs can help, and how to use investment newsletters, seminars, and classes.

Nice condition with just mild wear.

224 pages.


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