The Irenicum, or Pacificator 1842 Bishop Stillingfleet

The Irenicum, or Pacificator 1842 Bishop Stillingfleet


The Irenicum, or Pacificator: Being a Reconciler as to Church Differences. Bishop Edward Stillingfleet, M. Sorin, Philadelphia, 1842.


Bishop Edward Stillingfleet, Bishop of Worcester


His first work was Irenicum (1659). Though ostensibly an attempt to restore Protestant unity after several decades of sectarian divisions, it had a disguised episcopalian agenda. Stillingfleet resumed the debate with less disguise in the 1680s amid growing fears of a Catholic revival, publishing The Mischief of Separation (1680), The Unreasonableness of Separation (1681), and Origines Britannicae (1685). In Irenicum he allowed that episcopacy, presbytery, and independency could all point to precedents from the apostolic period; thus, all three could coexist compatibly. By 1685, however, he was arguing that the original English church had been an episcopal foundation, independent of Rome.

Water damage to front bottom board (slightly warped out at bottom edge) with heavy bottom water stains to inside pages (diminishing & completely gone by page 100), with all text fully legible. Foxing at endpaper others none & some tiny corner tip page creases near very front. Moderately rubbed cover with small bottom spine edge tear. 8-3/4 x 5-1/2 with 471 pp. Scarce in fair condition.