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KORSBANERET by Kristlig Kalender 1918 (Swedish)

KORSBANERET by Kristlig Kalender 1918 (Swedish)


Korsbaneret 1918. By Kristlig Kalender. Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island, Ill., 1918.


Korsbaneret, 1880-1950. 
Korsbaneret was an illustrated publication of the Augustana Lutheran Synod.  Issued annually, it contained church and congregation news, articles and obituaries of the clergy, various articles about synods schools and religion, and poetry.  Pioneered by Olof Olsson and Carl A. Swensson in 1879, Korsbaneret soon established itself as the Swedish yearbook of the Augustana Synod. It was adopted as a part of the Augustana Annual in 1950. 

Nice green cover with gilt cover title and black border design. Secure binding with clear pages and flower endpapers. About 6-1/4 x 4-1/4 with 317 pp. Swedish.


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