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Latvian Literature Essays by Janis Andrups 1954

Latvian Literature Essays by Janis Andrups 1954


Latvian Literature Essays. By Janis Andrups and Vitauts Kalve, Published by M. Goppers, Stockholm, Sweden, 1954.


Useful introduction to the Latvian literature, with b&w illustrations, index of names, index of artists & bibliography.


Before there was a written Latvian language, traditions were passed along in folk songs that are still preserved. Before the 19th century, a few authors had started writing poetry and prose (the most important being Gotthard Friedrich Stender). But Latvian literature can be said to have really started only in the nineteenth century, with the book Songs by Juris Alunans, where he wanted to show that deep and noble feelings can also be expressed in Latvian, which the Baltic-German Barons regarded as a peasant tongue.

Secure binding with clean pages and mild cover ear. Introduction by Arnolds Spekke. Small History Institute at very top front cover. About 10-1/2 x 7 with 206 pages. Illustrated. In English.


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