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LILIES and ORCHIDS: A Series of Drawings in Color by Rosina C. Boardman 1906

LILIES and ORCHIDS: A Series of Drawings in Color by Rosina C. Boardman 1906


Lilies and Orchids; A Series of Drawings in Color of Some of the More Interesting and Beautiful Species of These Families, Together With Descriptive Text. Rosina C. Boardman, Robert Grier Cooke, New York, 1906.


The book is a series of drawings that depict some of the most interesting and beautiful species of lilies and orchids. The drawings are accompanied by descriptive text that provides information about each species. The book is divided into two main sections, one for lilies and the other for orchids. Each section contains detailed drawings of the different species, with a focus on their unique features and characteristics. The text provides information about the habitat, distribution, and other interesting facts about each species. The illustrations in the book are beautifully rendered and capture the intricate details of each plant. The book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the study of lilies and orchids, or for those who simply enjoy the beauty of these plants. It is a valuable addition to any botanical library and is sure to be appreciated by both scholars and enthusiasts alike.


Green hardcover with black and white illustrated title to the front. Moderate cover soil. Overall clean pages with a light binding crack. Just over 10 x 8. First Edition. Tissued full-page color illustrations. Scarce!

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