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M-G-M's Lassie: Rescue in the Storm (Cozy Corner #2039) 1951

M-G-M's Lassie: Rescue in the Storm (Cozy Corner #2039) 1951


M-G-M's Lassie: Rescue in the Storm. Illustrated by J.M. La Grotta & August Lenox, Whitman Publishing Co., Racine, Wisconsin, 1951.


Children's Book

Cozy Corner Book #2039-25

Lassie (The Famous Movie Dog)

Vintage from the 1950s


Most of us remember the TV series of Lassie with the main character being "Timmy." In this story, that was before the series, the boy's name is "Bob." The only other names mentioned in the story are Aunt Helen and Granny. Granny was not much in love with Lassie as she always complained about the long dog hair Lassie would leave behind if she were in the house. By the end of the story, the mute has become a hero to Granny by rounding up all the live stock during a violent storm and putting the animals in their proper places.

Hardcover. Slightly shaken binding with some heavy tears along spine edge and rubbed edges. Authorized Edition.

About 8 x 7-1/2 with 24 pages. Illustrated in color.


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