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MENTAL HANDICAPS IN GOLF by Theo. B. Hyslop 1927

MENTAL HANDICAPS IN GOLF by Theo. B. Hyslop 1927


Mental Handicaps in Golf. By Theophilus Bulkeley Hyslop, Published by Baillière, Tindall & Cox, and The Williams & Wilkins Co., London and Baltimore, 1927.


An early book on golf psychology.

Vintage from the 1920s


Golf's rigors have never been limited solely to physical exertion. The effort required to evaluate the physical lay of the course or the alignment of a particular hole, the pains taken to assume the proper stance and execute a balanced swing at the ball -- these and other key elements of the game have always been a matter of utmost concentration and intense personal discipline.


Recognizing the important role of metaphysical factors, books on golf have carefully evaluated the mental and psychological aspects of the game. Theo. B. Hyslop addresses frankly and systematically the various Mental Handicaps in Golf and, utilizing two pyramid-shaped diagrams, admonishes his readers, "The reasoning faculty should rise above the emotional and even the volitional."


Hardcover. Green cover with large gilt title & cover art. Nice condition with very light cover wear. 111 pages with Forewords by Rolf Creasy and John Henry Taylor (a five time open champion). Hyslop was an M.D. and a member of the Medical Golfing Society.


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