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The Mississippi Bubble by Emerson Hough 1902

The Mississippi Bubble by Emerson Hough 1902


THE MISSISSIPPI BUBBLE. A Novel by Emerson Hough, Illustrated by Henry Hutt, Published by The Bowen-Merrill Company, Indianapolis, 1902.


  • Historical Fiction Novel


How the star of good fortune rose and set and rose again, by a woman's grace, for one John Law of Laurisston. The historical novel revolves around the story of John Law (1671-1729) and the "Mississippi Bubble", an economic bubble of speculative investment in the French colony of Louisiana.

Very good text with binding a little weak in center & lt. wear to edges. Beautiful silver leafed emblem on front cover. Frontise loose. About 7-1/2 x 5 with 452 pages plus several ads.


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