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New Horizons in Psychiatry by Peter Hays 1964

New Horizons in Psychiatry by Peter Hays 1964


New Horizons in Psychiatry. By Peter Hays, Penguin Books, Baltimore, Maryland, 1964.


ISBN:  0140206957

Psychology · Social Science · Non-fiction

Pelican "new horizons" series


We urgently need to understand what psychiatric illness really is and what psychiatrists themselves actually do. The purpose of this book is to bring the general reader up to date with recent major advances. There is little theory in this book: the author's aim throughout is to bring home what in practice is being done. He deals with the solid centre of practical problems: What causes schizophrenia? What is the role of neurosurgery and the new drugs? What can be done for addicts and alcoholics? What happens at the extremes of childhood and old age? The fullscale analysis in chapters 5 & 6 of new methods in psychiatric hospitals and the future of psychiatric services is perhaps of particular importance.

Nice solid binding with clean pages & light cover wear. Mass Market softcover with 325 pages, index.


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