Pentagon Case (A Novel) by Col. Victor J. Fox 1961

Pentagon Case (A Novel) by Col. Victor J. Fox 1961


THE PENTAGON CASE: A Novel of the Cold War. By Col. Victor J. Fox, Freedom Press, Inc., New York, 1961.


Fiction Novel


A Cold War novel by Capt. Robert A. Winston, writing under the pseudonym of Col. Victor J. Fox. In the novel, a heroic Pentagon press officer battles Communist influence in the armed forces. At the end of the book, the author includes short excerpts of speeches by President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon warning about the dangers of international communism.


An exciting human story this book reveals the terrifying extent to which Communist penetration has taken place in America, through subversive propaganda. The Pentagon Case is fiction. Yet it portrays in merciless detail a far more dangerous situation which discerning readers will quickly recognize as being more factual than fictional and which may be encountered to a greater or lesser degree throughout the free world.


Victor J. Fox is a pen name. The author was a highly decorated officer of the United States Armed Forces, serving throughout the Second War and in the Korean War. He rose to senior rank and served in Combat Units and on the Staff and Intelligence -including an extended assignment as a specialist in enemy psychological warfare techniques. When questioned about The Pentagon Case he says with a straight face, "Fiction? Of Course. But, as everyone knows, truth is always stranger than fiction."

Secure binding with clean pages & light cover wear. 8 x 5-1/4 with 248 pp.


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