RADIO NEWS (Feb. 1929, Vol. 10, #8) Radio & Television Magazine

RADIO NEWS (Feb. 1929, Vol. 10, #8) Radio & Television Magazine



February 1929

Vol. 10, No. 8

(Radio's Greatest Magazine). Edited by Hugo Gernsbeck, Experimenter Publishing Co., New York, 1929.


Over 200 illustrations


Radio prospecting is the adventurous theme for this issue. The feature article explains a system then in use, which apparently had some ability to detect large bodies of metallic ore near the earth's surface.


Other interesting articles in this issue:

  • The Short-Wave Fan, by Hugo Gernsback
  • Electrostatic Speakers Enter the Radio Field
  • Condensers and Their Use in Radio
  • Outdoor and Indoor Aerials—How Their Signal Pick-Up Qualities Differ
  • Radio Tubes and Their Characteristics
  • The "Copperclad Special"—A Short-Wave Receiver de Luxe (construction)
  • A 250-Type Amplifier and Power Pack (construction)
  • Hints on Operation for the Short-Wave Beginner
  • Constructing a Modulated Oscillator (construction)
  • A Flexible Nine-Tube Superheterodyne (construction)
  • Making Good Use of "B"-Battery By-Products


Color illustrated cover. Inch tear at the cover top with small tears at the spine edge and a top corner crease. Scarce illustrated softcover magazine with 705-800 pp. Early television and radio magazine.