RADIO NEWS (July 1928, Vol. 10, #1) Radio & Television Magazine

RADIO NEWS (July 1928, Vol. 10, #1) Radio & Television Magazine



July 1928

Vol. 10, No. 1

(Radio's Greatest Magazine). Edited by Hugo Gernsback, Experimenter Publishing Co., New York, 1928.


Over 200 illustrations


Why Not? asks an oldtimer in this comical 1928 magazine cover, as he lolls in the breeze from a fan installed in his oldtime radio speaker.


Other articles in this issue include:

  • Radio Concerts, by Hugo Gernsback
  • Sure, Them Was the Happy Days? (debunking old radio myths)
  • Radio Aids Marine Fighters (pictorial)
  • The Passing of the Third-Floor Quack (fiction)
  • Television—Practical Demonstrations Over WRNY
  • Vacuum Cameras Speed Up Television
  • How the Radio Public is Being Fooled (by false product claims)
  • Radio Aerials Create No Lightning Hazard
  • The Radio Beginner—A Cheap, Practical Receiver—The Crystal Set (construction)
  • A "Junk Box" Short-Wave Receiver (construction)
  • A Sturdy and Dependable "B" Power Unit (construction)
  • Improving Reception on a Thin Pocketbook
  • A Simple Remote Control Device
  • On The Short Waves (regular feature on shortwave listening topics)


Color illustrated cover. Surface corner crease to cover with light rubbing to the edges and a small tear at the bottom spine and corner tip. A scarce illustrated softcover magazine with 96 pages. Early television and radio magazine.