Raleigh in Exeter 1985 Queen Elizabeth I

Raleigh in Exeter 1985 Queen Elizabeth I


RALEIGH IN EXETER 1985: Privateering and Colonisation in the Reign of Elizabeth I. Edited by Joyce Youings, UNIVERSITY OF EXETER, Great Britain, 1985.


ISBN: 0859892522


Colonisation by the European powers has always had its seamier side and the first attempt to settle English people on the North American mainland - by one of Queen Elizabeth's favourite courtiers, Sir Walter Raleigh - was no exception. The hunt for prize ships and cargoes was a major attraction for the sea-captains and their crews who sailed across the Atlantic in the years 1584-7.

Paperback book. Blue cover with white title & cover illustration. Solid binding with clean pages & light cover wear. About 8 x 5-1/2.