Rockets & Satellites Work Like This 1968


Rockets & Satellites Work Like This. John W. R. Tylor, John W. Wood, Phoenix House, London, 1968.


Non-Fiction Children's Space Flight - Science


The first half of the book is devotes to the history of rockets and their military use. The second half concentrates on the history of satellites and man in space. It does cover the Apollo program and future Moon base plans.


I still like all kinds of space art so the article trying to create accurate drawings is very beautiful. Surprisingly, some of the drawings that end this 1968 book show parts of our possible future that still may come. There is active work on ion rockets as a "slow but steady" way to explore the solar system.

Hardcover. Firm binding with nice text/illustrations. Nice, plastic covered jacket taped to book edge, with just minimal wear. About 10 x 6 with 71 pp.


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