My Adventures in Zuñi by Frank H. Cushing

My Adventures in Zuñi by Frank H. Cushing


My Adventurers in Zuñi: Including Father of the Pueblos and an Aboriginal Pilgrimage, By Frank Hamilton Cushing, Filter Press.


Frank H. Cushing (1857-1900) was a pioneer in the study of Pueblo culture. At age 22 he left New York and lived five years among the Zuñi. There he became fluent in the language, studied the village society and Zuñi crafts intently, and was the first white man to join the Priesthood of the Bow. 


This edition of My Adventures in Zuñi is a reissue of the original articles printed in The Century Magazine in 1882 and 1883. Also included are Father of the Pueblos and An Aboriginal Journey by Sylvester Baxter, who visited Cushing in Zuñi and published these articles in 1882.


Near new condition.


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