Some Curious Flyers, Creepers, and Swimmers by James Johonnot 1887

SOME CURIOUS FLYERS, CREEPERS, AND SWIMMERS (Natural History Series-Intermediate Book). James Johonnot, American Book Company, 1887.
  • The Scavenger Bird
  • Birds of the Past
  • The Shag
  • Our Slow-footed Neighbors
  • The King of Tropical Waters
  • Scaly Tenants of the Wild
  • Animal Life in Madagascar
  • Birds in Spring
  • About Eels
  • Frank Buckland at Home
  • Tom
  • The Dog who attended Fires
  • Crawling Occupants of Grass & Woodland
  • Poisonous Creepers of the Wilds
  • Wings of Gossamer and Gold
  • Wings, Busy and Sober
  • Flying-Bugs and Walking-Sticks
  • Fruit and Grain Destroyers
  • Spinners of House and Garden
  • Spider Ways and Spider Stories
  • Locusts in the East
  • The Birds must Know
  • Tigers of Copse and Hedge
  • Diggers for Grubs and Beetles
  • Grubbers for Ants
  • Plantigrade Rangers of Field & Forest
  • The Pouched 'Possum and its Kin
  • The Leviathan of the Deep
  • The Sea-Monster of the Amazon
  • Dwellers of Sea-shore and Ice
  • The Flying Mouse
  • My Dog Fido


Public school book with faded stamp at rear cover. Heavily rubbed cover with some soil. Shaken binding with a bottom spine shift. Fair condition. About 7-1/2 x 5 with 224 pages plus book ads. Illustrated.


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