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St. Peter and I (Autobiographical Essays) Steiner 1959

St. Peter and I (Autobiographical Essays) Steiner 1959


St. Peter and I: A Collection of Autobiographical Essays. By Edward A. Steiner (Author), Henry-York Steiner (Editor), Grinnell College, 1959.


St. Peter and I is "a volume of Edward A. Steiner's writing which would present the underlying basis for his conversion from Judaism to Christianity, an act which lay at the heart of his life as lecturer, minister, and teacher."


However, the collector of these writings, grandson Henry-York Steiner, concludes that "nowhere in Edward A. Steiner's writings have I found a satisfactory account of the actual circumstances of his conversion." Though it is true that in his writings Steiner does seem to make more of becoming a United States citizen than he does of becoming a Christian, I shall argue that his many writings, some of them autobiographical, do tell us much about his conversion, especially events in his boyhood which had a significant impact upon his life.


Edward A. Steiner, the converted one, did dedicate his entire life as a Christian to convert any and all to the way of the Hebrew prophets and Jesus.

Published by Grinnell College on the occasion of the naming of Steiner Hall, October, 1959. Limited Edition Copy No. 662. Secure binding with clean pages and light cover wear. Red cover with gilt title. Secure binding with clean pages & light cover wear. 79 pages. Scarce!


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