Stars and Bars by William Boyd

Stars and Bars by William Boyd


Stars and Bars. By William Boyd.


Fiction Novel

ISBN: 0140075968


Stars and Bars, the third novel by Scottish author William Boyd, was first published in 1985 in the United States by William Morrow & Co. Boyd subsequently developed it as a screenplay and it was released as a film in 1988.


The book tells the tragicomic story of attempts by visiting British art appraiser Henderson Dore, in New York City and the Deep South, to negotiate the cultural differences between British and American approaches to conducting business.


 A recent transfer to Manhattan has inspired art assessor Henderson Dores to shed his British reserve and aspire to the impulsive and breezy nature of Americans. But when Loomis Gage, an eccentric millionaire, invites him to appraise his small collection of Impressionist paintings, Dores’s plans quite literally go south.


Nice condition with mild cover edge wear.


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