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TAI CHI Fitness Workouts by David-Dorian Ross (New DVD) 2018

TAI CHI Fitness Workouts by David-Dorian Ross (New DVD) 2018

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Exercise & Fitness - Tai Chi 

ISBN: 1629975370

(New DVD), Rated: G


Learn how to use the gentle physical movements of tai chi in fitness workouts with International Master Tai Chi Instructor David-Dorian Ross.


Your instructor, international master David-Dorian Ross, describes tai chi as a path for life guided by nature that finds harmony and balance in every situation. Mr. Ross, who created the TaijiFit program, is a U.S. gold-medal winner and an international master tai chi instructor, his goal in this course is to introduce you to the practice of tai chi in the gentlest way possible—by encouraging you to simply move and breathe. While these lessons will bring fitness benefits, they are unlike any other workout you’ve ever tried. In this course, there are no goals, no repetitions to ramp up, no emphasis on your technique, and no instructor telling you to push yourself. There’s just the continuous, slow-paced movement, the calming breath, and the enjoyment of the practice.


A brand new shrink-wrapped DVD (The DVD is loose in the case).


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