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Tennyson, IN MEMORIAM. Lectures by Prof. Hiram Corson 1878

Tennyson, IN MEMORIAM. Lectures by Prof. Hiram Corson 1878


TENNYSON, IN MEMORIAM. Lectures By PROF. HIRAM CORSON. Written in cursive by NANCY C. WOOD (1878).


Bibliography [TENNYSON, Alfred]

Blue book (HAND WRITTEN IN CURSIVE) that folds up from the top, with heavy gilt title & owner name (author) in gilt at bottom. Probable thesis on lectures by Prof. Hiram Corson, and title page has written: Lectures, Prof. Corson.


WIKIPEDIA: Hiram Corson was an American professor of literature. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He held a position in the library of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (1849-1856), was a lecturer on English literature in Philadelphia (1859-1865), and was professor of English at Girard College, Philadelphia (1865-1866), and in St. Johns College, Annapolis, Maryland (1866-1870). In 1870-1871 he was professor of rhetoric and oratory at Cornell University, where he was professor of Anglo-Saxon and English literature (1872-1886), of English literature and rhetoric (1886-1890), and from 1890 to 1903 (when he became professor emeritus) of English literature, a chair formed for him. His papers are held at Cornell University.


Thirty (unnumbered) pages total including yellow endpapers. Cover good overall with rubbing/cracks at outer hinges & secure inner binding. About

8-3/4 x 5-1/2. Rare one-off item concerning an important professor in American history.




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