THE EARTH GODS by Khalil Gibran 1931

THE EARTH GODS by Khalil Gibran 1931


THE EARTH GODS. By KAHLIL GIBRAN, Published by ALFRED A. KNOPF, NEW YORK, 1931 (First Edition)


The Earth Gods is a literary work written by poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran. It was originally published in 1931, also the year of the author's death. The story is structured as a dialogue between three unnamed earth gods, only referred to as First God, Second God, and Third God. As is typical of Gibran's works, it is a classic that focuses on spiritual concepts.


The narrator describes the appearance of three great earth gods at nightfall on the mountain. They begin a discussion. Their conversation covers many topics that deal with spirituality and the human condition. The gods comment often on love and the heart, sharing each of their views. The gods then close the discussion by announcing their rest.


Black cover with gilt title and cover emblem. Mild cover wear with light soil and mild rub marks. 40 numbered pages. Illustrated.