The Grass Roots Cookbook by Jean Anderson

The Grass Roots Cookbook by Jean Anderson


The Grass Roots Cookbook. By Jean Anderson, Published by Times Books, 1977.


  • ISBN-10: 0812906934
  • ISBN-13: 978-0812906936


In order to preserve "grass-roots American cooking", Anderson criss-crossed the country to recover this collection of priceless culinary folk art. Includes more than 300 authentic regional recipes interspersed with interviews with the women who faithfully preserved them as they were passed from generation to generation.


Recipes include: Adobe Oven Bread, Alabama Buttermilk Pie, Ozark Apple Pudding, Arkansas Sausage Scrapple, Old Virginia Batter Bread, Vermont Style baked Beans, Bennington County Johnnycake, Bluegrass Chess Pie, Kentucky Burgoo, Carolina Coleslaw, Tilghman island Crab Cakes, Pride of Iowa Cookies, Hoppin' John, Jeff Davis Pie, Kansas Pan rolls, Kansas yeast Bread, Ozark 13 day Pickles, Mustcohola, Maine Style Scalloped Potatoes, etc.


Nice condition with light wear. 334 pages.


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