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THE INNER ME MEDITATIONS with MUSIC by Rev. Louis Savary (Cassette) 1976

THE INNER ME MEDITATIONS with MUSIC by Rev. Louis Savary (Cassette) 1976


THE INNER ME MEDITATIONS WITH MUSIC (NCR CASSETTES, A-349). Rev. Louis Savary, National Catholic Reporter Publishing Co., Kansas City, MO, 1976.


Cassette tape with original open-top plastic case and instructional/contents insert. Nice overall condition (tested). Rare!


This MEDITATIONS WITH MUSIC cassette is designed primarily for young people, but may be used by anyone. The introductions, written and narrated by Louis Savary, S. J., focus on themes of self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, inner freedom, trust in others, and a sense of the sacred. These are challenges and problems especially prominent among young people, while the main thrust of THE INNER ME is personal growth awareness, the narrations are set in a religious atmosphere (partial introduction from insert).


SIDE 1: The River of Life; Mahavishnu Orchestra, "A Lotus on Irish Streams"; Columbia KC 31067. (8:55 minutes). The Wind; Santana, "Song of the Wind"; Columbia KC 31610. (9:10 minutes). Memories of the Future; Ravi Shankar, "Song from the Hills" and "Gat Kirwan"; World Pacific 1432. (8:50 minutes).


SIDE 2: The Sacred Place; Pink Floyd, excerpts from "Sisyphus Part III" and "Saucerful of Secrets"; Capitol STBB 388. (10:40 minutes). The Crystal Waterfall; Xenakis, excerpts from "Concret P-H II' and "Orient-Occident III"; Nonesuch H-71246. (7:40 minutes). My Parade; Emerson, Lake and Palmer, "Nutrocker"; Cotillion ELP 66666. (7:45 minutes).


Musical program was selected and edited by Leslie J. Schnierer, M. Mus. Father Louis Savary, a Jesuit priest, is director of the Institute for Consciousness and Music. He is the author of Cycles: The Third Year, and co-author of Passages: A guide for Pilgrims of the Mind, and Music and Your Mind: Listening With a New Consciousness.


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