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The Last Sorcerers by Richard Morris 2003

The Last Sorcerers by Richard Morris 2003


The Last Sorcerers: The Path from Alchemy to the Periodic Table. Richard Morris, Joseph Henry Press, U.S.A. 2003.


They started with four: earth, air, fire, and water. From these basics, they sought to understand the essential ingredients of the world. Those who could see further, those who understood that the four were just the beginning, were the last sorcerers" and the world (TM)s first chemists.


What we now call chemistry began in the fiery cauldrons of mystics and sorcerers seeking not to make a better world through science, but rather to make themselves richer through magic formulas and con games. But among these early magicians, frauds, and con artists were a few far-seeing oealchemists who, through rigorous experimentation, transformed mysticism into science.

Like new with very light wear. About 9 x 5-1/2 with 282 pp.


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