The Rapture of Canaan (A Novel) by Sheri Reynolds


The Rapture of Canaan. A Novel by Sheri Reynolds.


A 1995 novel, it was chosen as an Oprah's Book Club selection in 1997. Adolescent Ninah lives in a strict fundamentalist Christian community led by her grandfather Herman. Ninah cannot stop herself from falling in love with James, a boy a year older who is also her nephew by marriage. The community allows Ninah and James to become "prayer partners" in order that they can spend time with one another in the hopes of a future marriage. James and Ninah pray for Jesus to speak through them in order to help them defeat their attraction for one another, but eventually, their physical attraction is too strong, and Ninah becomes pregnant. James, fearing punishment from the community, commits suicide. Ninah insists that Jesus, rather than James, is the father of the baby.


Nice condition with a light rear bottom bump.
























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