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THE SPECTATOR New Edition (Vol. III) Henry Morley 1891

THE SPECTATOR New Edition (Vol. III) Henry Morley 1891



Reproducing the original text both as first issued and as corrected by its authors. In Three Volumes,

(Vol. III ONLY). With Introduction, Notes, and Index Edited by Henry Morley. Published by George Routledge and Sons, Limited, London, 1891.


The Spectator, was a British daily newspaper which ran from 1711 to 1712.

A New Edition reproducing the original text was published in 1891.


The stated goal of The Spectator was "to enliven morality with wit, and to temper wit with morality... to bring philosophy out of the closets & libraries, schools & colleges, to dwell in clubs & assemblies, at tea-tables & coffeehouses". It recommended that its readers "consider it part of the tea-equipage" and not leave the house without reading it in the morning.


One of its functions was to provide readers with educated, topical talking points, and advice in how to carry on conversations and social interactions in a polite manner. In keeping with the values of Enlightenment philosophies of their time, the authors of The Spectator promoted family, marriage, and courtesy. 

Burgundy cover with fancy gilt spine title. Nice condition with light cover soil and clean pages. New Edition. About 8 x 5-1/2 with 732 pages. This is volume III ONLY!


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