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Videohound's Sci-Fi Experience 1996

Videohound's Sci-Fi Experience 1996

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Videohound's Sci-Fi Experience: Your Quantum Guide to the Video Universe. By Schwartz, Carol A., Visible Ink Pr, Canton, Michigan, U.S.A., 1996.


ISBN: 0787606154


Videohound explores the outer limits of film - 1,200 of the wildest and weirdest video reviews, including 20 sci-fi television series like, The Outer Limits, and The Invaders and documentaries in the Alien Autopsy tradition, from the Amazing Colossal Man to Zardoz, The Twilight Zone, The Prisoner and The X-Files.


A sample of films covered: The Angry Red Planet; Barbarella; The Day the Earth Stood Still; Star Trek; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Death Race 2000; Godzilla, King of the Monsters; Star Wars; Dr. Who; It Came from Outer Space; Planet of the Apes; and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.


In addition to providing reviews and ratings, Sci-Fi Experience features movie quotes and taglines, 125 stills, out-of-this-world sidebars, and a bevy of indexes, plus a futuristic resource section.

Paperback book. Solid binding with clean pages & light cover wear.

445 pages.


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