WORDS AND RULES: The Ingredients of Language


(Part of the Science Masters series).

By Steven Pinker.


This book is a 1999 popular linguistics book by Steven Pinker about regular and irregular verbs. Steven Arthur Pinker is a Canadian-American cognitive psychologist, linguist, and popular science author. ... In essence, the Words and Rules theory states that past-tense forms of verbs arise from both declarative memory (as words) and procedural systems (from rules).


One of Pinker's most provocative and accessible books, illuminating the fascinating relationship between the brain, the mind, and the how language makes us human. Pinker presents a single, powerful idea: that language comprises a mental dictionary of memorized words and a mental grammar of creative rules. The idea extends beyond language and offers insight into the very nature of the human mind.  


VERY GOOD PLUS. Solid binding with clean pages and light sun at the rear spine edge.


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