WORLD'S FINEST COMICS (No. 177, Aug. 1968)

WORLD'S FINEST COMICS (No. 177, Aug. 1968)

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Vol. 1, No. 177, August 1968


Superman & Batman: "The Duel of the Crime Kings! The Traitor, the Liar and the Genius"


Lex Luthor is released from his prison cell by the Joker and they manage to outmatch Batman and Superman. After escaping from the heroes, they head towards Lex's hideout and they use a time machine to bring Benedict Arnold, Leonardo da Vinci, and Baron von Munchausen to their era for help in pulling off crimes. While successful at first, the super-villains start having troubles and they turn against each other. The people from the past see a chance to take over the gang and they organize a duel between Joker and Luthor.


Spine edge curl and some creases.